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Quick porridge fingers

These were a nice breakfast for baby. An adult wouldn’t like them though! The main thing was to remember to put the oats to soak early enough.

3 level tbsp oats

3 tbsp milk

I used a proper table spoon measure for this. 

Soak the oats in the milk in a bowl

Press down into the bowl

Microwave on high for 2 mins

Cut into fingers and serve when cool. Baby liked these

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Eggy bread

Did this for mark for breakfast to share with panther. She’s going through a bad food phase and pretty much refused to eat it, even dipped in ketchup. He seemed to quite like it. Very unhealthy so not great for me on my diet 😦 got the recipe/ idea from the baby led weaning cookbook… Seemed to think 2 eggs would do 4 slices but mine only did 2. Also seemed to think 1 adult and 1 baby could eat 4 slices between them!

2-3 slices bread

2 eggs

Milk (optional, makes it go further)

Could add herbs or spices to the egg, or sprinkle on top at the end

Beat the eggs and milk, and potentially spices, in a bowl

Drench each slice of bread and fry in oil (I used proper oil, not spray)

Serve cut into fingers and dipped in ketchup of you’re fussy!

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Scotch pancakes

I found these in nigella’s feast cookbook when I was cooking the wedding biscuits last week. I was interested as the ingredients are cheap and things you have in, but in the shops 6 scotch pancakes costs 69p! These were great. I have frozen a fair few so will comment when I defrost them on how they cope. Next time I’m going to try the flavour I actually buy, which is lemon and raisin. If that works it will be brilliant!

1/2 tsp white wine vinegar
150ml milk (great for using it up)
110g plain flour
1/2 tsp bicarb
1 egg
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp golden syrup

Put the vinegar in the milk to sour it and set aside
Put flour in a jug or bowl and add bicarb
In another bowl put the egg and oil (I measured this quite carefully) then syrup (she suggests you use the oily spoon but I don’t bother with this, I just used a normal tablespoon)
Whisk these wet ingredients then add the milk and whisk
Add this to the dry ingredients and whisk to make a batter
Heat a non-stick pan without oil
Put blobs of about 1/3 ladle in the pan (about 3 fit each time)
When bubbles appear, flip and cook the other side
It gets hard not to burn them as you’ve cooked a few, you might even want to take a break

Nigella reckons you make about 20

I have now tried these out with lemon and raisins and they’re even better. I used lemon essence to make them more lemony and just a big handful of raisins in batter, as the ones you buy are very heavy on the raisins. I also turned the heat right down when cooking them and they didn’t burn at all! Will be making this version next time as they’re even nicer!

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Indian omelette wraps

This is another recipe loosely based on a recent good food recipe! In the magazine it was a dinner, but I’ve altered it a bit to have as a breakfast. Slightly higher in calories than ideal (closer to 400 than 300) but delicious and totally fills you up until lunch. Make sure you whisk the eggs really well (as with all omelettes)… That was my mistake on the first day!

Tortilla wrap/ chapati (I used wraps as I had them in this week, but chapati so would be nicer)
2 eggs
Garam masala
1 slice ham
Tiny bit of grated cheese
Mango chutney

Whisk the eggs with garam masala and pepper (I don’t normally bother with salt in this due to the garam masala)
Put plenty of oil in pan (but spray is fine) and heat
When ready, pour the egg into the pan and swirl to cover the base
Use a metal spatula to keep pushing the edges off the sides so it doesn’t stick
When it’s cooked a bit, but still wet on top add a few leaves of spinach, some ripped up ham and some grated cheese. Keep cooking until cooked through and cheese melted
Put the omelette on the wrap and spread a little mango chutney on it.
Roll it up to eat. Yum yum!

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Mustardy mushrooms on toast

I can’t find the original recipe for this online, (and can’t be bothered to find the magazine it was in) so noting it from memory, as I cooked it this morning . It was in good food magazine, in an article about getting your 7 a day (the idea being you have this with a glass of juice as your first two portions now you’re supposed to have more than before). This is a lovely, easily altered, breakfast dish with appropriate calorie content (300-400 depending on specific ingredients) for a breakfast.

2 slices toast (ideally wholemeal obviously. I buy hovis granary when I can as there are only 94 calories per slice in the medium loaf which is really good for this type of bread). I butter this but ideally leave it plain, it’s just I don’t like my toast crunchy.
Mushrooms, about 4-5 medium (today I also added an onion)
Spoonful low fat cream cheese
Little pour of milk (to loosen the sauce or it’ll be very stiff)
Mustard (I’ve used Dijon or wholegrain. You want the tiniest bit, less than half a teaspoon. Aim low, I always overdo this!)
Chives (to sprinkle on top, I use dried)

Fry sliced mushrooms in spray oil
Add cheese, milk and mustard and stir to make a sauce
Pour this mixture onto the toast and sprinkle chives on top

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Fruit turnovers

I based these on a good food recipe for apple and blueberry turnovers that I will try making again in the autumn as they’re quite autumnal. The idea is pretty basic, cooked fruit in puff pastry, and you can then vary it with your own choice of fruit. I made peach and cardamom which were amazing. I used the majority of a punnet of peaches and the seeds of about 6 cardamom pods, but it could have taken more. We ate these for a yummy breakfast picnic. They aren’t very filling though and they come in at around 300 calories, so be careful when you have them, you don’t want to be starving later!

1 roll of ready rolled puff pastry (these seem to be sold in pairs)
Fruit of your choice

Prepare your fruit. Chop and put into a pan with butter, sugar and spice if needed
Cook until softened (about 10 mins)
Leave until it cools a bit, and gets stickier and more solid. This stops it being too wet when you put it in the pastry cases.
Open up the pastry and cut into 6 equal squares
Put a line of fruit filling diagonally down each pastry square
Brush the 2 empty corners with milk and pull into the centre (the milk helps it stick)
Brush the top with milk and sprinkle with sugar
Bake in oven for about 20-30 mins until brown and puffed up

These are great for picnics and definitely seem autumnal to me!

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