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Mulled apple juice

Practised this last night for Saturday’s party and it’s delicious! Apple juice is currently on offer at morrisons so we may be having it quite regularly for a bit!

1 litre apple juice (not from concentrate)
Orange rind (I shaved this off with a peeler from 1 orange)
Juice of the orange
1 stick cinnamon
3 cloves

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat for 5-10 mins
Serve! I reckon this amount serves 4-5 people

The recipe came from good food website.

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Blackberry lemonade

I have been cooking- and consequently eating – way too much! This was for the aforementioned breakfast picnic, as i wanted a fancy drink, although I did also take a flask of tea. This is from he latest good food magazine and is definitely the best lemonade I’ve made so far (not that I’ve made one in years, they never worked for me)

2 lemons
150g punnet blackberries (punnet was larger than this in morrisons so guessed the amount)
Mint sprigs (had to miss out)
50g icing sugar
200ml tap water
Fizzy water/ prosecco to serve (will be using prosecco next year, would be yummy!)

Quarter the lemons and remove the pips
Blend lemons, blackberries, mint sugar and 200ml water in food processor (my, very good, processor found this tricky and quite a lot ended up coming out the sides at the start so be careful) until finely chopped and juicy
Strain through a sieve (don’t have one so used a small colander- took quite a while)
Bottle and chill (used a glass water bottle I’d had in a cafe) in fridge for up to a week
To serve use equal measure of lemonade to fizzy water/ prosecco. Although I found you could eke it out a little more as it’s quite tangy

Apparently 69 calories and 15g sugar per serving so probably not great for diabetics but a lovely autumn treat!

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