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Strawberry and gooseberry compote

This comes from a pie recipe but didn’t fancy making the whole thing… Too many calories in the pastry! Absolutely delicious… Really worthwhile if you’ve been strawberry picking, like we had! I halved this recipe as didn’t have many gooseberries and used a slightly higher proportion of strawberries to suit the fruit I had.

500g strawberries, washed and chopped 

500g gooseberries. Chop the tops and bottoms off with scissors

100g golden caster sugar

Cook in a pan over a medium heat for 5-10 mins. Stir occasionally to mush up the berries a bit

Original recipe here.

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Apple and cheddar crust pie

I don’t make apple pie very often, but panther asked for it when we had been to the apple day at calke abbey last week so I thought why not, this recipe from a recent olive magazine appealed to me as we had tried apple pie with cheese, apparently a Lancashire delicacy, at my grandma and granddad’s party a few year’s ago, and it kind of stuck in our memories! This is mega easy, and I really like it as there’s no pre-cooking of the apples, you just bung it in. I am halving the original recipe, so it makes a pie serving 4 people, as this is more suitable for the three of us, or we would be eating it all week. The original suggests making a woven pie top, which looks awesome, but there’s no way I’ve got the patience for this! I just rolled out the pastry and bunged it on. When the custard’s on nobody notices anyway! Apparently 548 calories if you serve 4 with this, so not exactly good for you but a nice Sunday pudding treat! Whilst copying this up I’ve spotted that this is intended to be a double crusted pie (ie. pastry on bottom and top). I did top only and thought there was quite a lot of pastry! To make it healthier you could halve pastry amount and do top crust only

1 Bramley apple (needed as will go mushier than eating ones)
3 dessert apples (slightly more than recipe says, but I thought it could take more apple
Lemon, 1 zest end (used bottled lemon juice as didn’t have this)
1 tsp cornflour
1.5 tbsp golden caster sugar

100g butter (or use 25g lard and rest butter, but I didn’t have this)
225g plain flour
75g cheddar cheese

Make pastry by rubbing in flour and butter
Add cheddar, grated, and 1-2 tbsp cold water and mix into a dough
Knead briefly and chill for 30 mins
Roll out just over half the pastry and line pie dish with it
Chop apples and mix in bowl with rest of filling ingredients until well mixed. Recipe says to peel the apples but I didn’t bother
Put filling in pie dish
Roll top of pastry out and put on, or mess about making a lattice!
Cut a steam hole in centre and bake at 200 for 45-50 mins until golden brown
Enjoy with custard after Sunday dinner!

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Toblerone fondue

Not really a recipe, just an idea! Panther, aged 3, absolutely loved dipping strawberries and flumps in this. Essentially it’s just melted chocolate, with something, whatever you have to hand really, to thin it out. Yum!

Toblerone (we used 100g bar to serve about 4)
Double cream (any of these, I used them all as I had them)

To dip
Soft fruit
Biscuits (we like rich tea/ lotus biscuits)
Marshmallows (we used flumps as they can be dipped a lot but are far less calorific than normal marshmallows)

Melt the chocolate and whatever you’re thinning it with over a pan of boiling water
When melted, eat it!
You can save this in the fridge overnight and reheat

The original recipe, such as it is, came from nigella’s feast cookbook. She included amounts which I have just ignored.

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