Mexican scrambled egg

This recipe is delicious and so easy. I’ve had it both for breakfast and for tea on days when I got in late/ couldn’t be bothered/ just fancied it! You can vary it a lot, it’s really just an idea. The original recipe comes from nigella express, but I make it a different way each time, so here’s an idea of what I do.

1-2 tortillas each
2-3 eggs each
Cajun seasoning, or other Mexican seasoning (fajita/ cumin etc)
Oil to fry
Veg (I use mushrooms/ peppers most often, but use whatever’s in the fridge!)

Heat the oil, rip the tortillas into bits and fry them briefly
Take them out the pan and cover in foil to keep them warm
Fry the veg- how long for depends what you’re using!
Beat the eggs with the seasoning and pour into the pan
You want scrambled egg not an omelette, so keep the egg moving in the pan, keep stirring!
When it’s cooked but still soft, pour onto the plate, on top of, or around, the tortilla bits
You could serve it with a salad, or some sour cream/ avocado etc

The fried tortilla is a great accompaniment for a range of Mexican meals. It’s also a good way to use them up, I often end up with a few left in the packet. With the egg, it’s an amazing meal!

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