Mustardy mushrooms on toast

I can’t find the original recipe for this online, (and can’t be bothered to find the magazine it was in) so noting it from memory, as I cooked it this morning . It was in good food magazine, in an article about getting your 7 a day (the idea being you have this with a glass of juice as your first two portions now you’re supposed to have more than before). This is a lovely, easily altered, breakfast dish with appropriate calorie content (300-400 depending on specific ingredients) for a breakfast.

2 slices toast (ideally wholemeal obviously. I buy hovis granary when I can as there are only 94 calories per slice in the medium loaf which is really good for this type of bread). I butter this but ideally leave it plain, it’s just I don’t like my toast crunchy.
Mushrooms, about 4-5 medium (today I also added an onion)
Spoonful low fat cream cheese
Little pour of milk (to loosen the sauce or it’ll be very stiff)
Mustard (I’ve used Dijon or wholegrain. You want the tiniest bit, less than half a teaspoon. Aim low, I always overdo this!)
Chives (to sprinkle on top, I use dried)

Fry sliced mushrooms in spray oil
Add cheese, milk and mustard and stir to make a sauce
Pour this mixture onto the toast and sprinkle chives on top

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