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Slow cooked chicken

Today’s dinner revolutionised my life!!! No seriously, it was totally delicious, but it also marks the start of me being able to produce a Sunday roast pretty much every week, which I can hardly ever do. The problem is, we like to go out on a Sunday, to a park, bike ride, museum, other fun place. Tis is great, but when you get back it is not practical to embark upon roasting a joint for us traditional dinner… Well now it will be. Today we used the slow cooker to cook the chicken, and the results were amazing. It went on first thing and probably had about 8 hours on low. Today was just a practice, but we can definitely do that on the average Sunday whatever we’re up to. Then we only need about an hour to do a Yorkshire, roasted and veg, or even less time if we just do veg and potatoes. Perfect! I am so excited about this find!

I have quite a large slow cooker and can fit in a medium chicken, which costs £5 from morrisons. There are 2 adults and a 2 year old so this will easily do 2 full meals, so tomorrow I’m making egg fried rice with it.
Having read lots of info on this recipe on the Internet I decided to place the chicken upside down in the slow cooker. Essentially, lots of people were saying it got a bit dry. Can’t comment whether it was this that helper, but ours definitely wasn’t dry, it was perfect!
I sliced some carrots and stuffed them down the sides- these were totally delicious to eat a the end. I was going to rest the chicken on a bed of veg, but wasn’t confident on how much space I had!
I then poured a bit of cold water down the sides, again to avoid it getting dry
I crumbled to stock cubes (chicken) over the top of the whole lot, which was the bottom of the chicken
I cooked it on low from about 10 until about 6. It was totally perfect!

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