Indian omelette wraps

This is another recipe loosely based on a recent good food recipe! In the magazine it was a dinner, but I’ve altered it a bit to have as a breakfast. Slightly higher in calories than ideal (closer to 400 than 300) but delicious and totally fills you up until lunch. Make sure you whisk the eggs really well (as with all omelettes)… That was my mistake on the first day!

Tortilla wrap/ chapati (I used wraps as I had them in this week, but chapati so would be nicer)
2 eggs
Garam masala
1 slice ham
Tiny bit of grated cheese
Mango chutney

Whisk the eggs with garam masala and pepper (I don’t normally bother with salt in this due to the garam masala)
Put plenty of oil in pan (but spray is fine) and heat
When ready, pour the egg into the pan and swirl to cover the base
Use a metal spatula to keep pushing the edges off the sides so it doesn’t stick
When it’s cooked a bit, but still wet on top add a few leaves of spinach, some ripped up ham and some grated cheese. Keep cooking until cooked through and cheese melted
Put the omelette on the wrap and spread a little mango chutney on it.
Roll it up to eat. Yum yum!

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