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Scotch pancakes

I found these in nigella’s feast cookbook when I was cooking the wedding biscuits last week. I was interested as the ingredients are cheap and things you have in, but in the shops 6 scotch pancakes costs 69p! These were great. I have frozen a fair few so will comment when I defrost them on how they cope. Next time I’m going to try the flavour I actually buy, which is lemon and raisin. If that works it will be brilliant!

1/2 tsp white wine vinegar
150ml milk (great for using it up)
110g plain flour
1/2 tsp bicarb
1 egg
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp golden syrup

Put the vinegar in the milk to sour it and set aside
Put flour in a jug or bowl and add bicarb
In another bowl put the egg and oil (I measured this quite carefully) then syrup (she suggests you use the oily spoon but I don’t bother with this, I just used a normal tablespoon)
Whisk these wet ingredients then add the milk and whisk
Add this to the dry ingredients and whisk to make a batter
Heat a non-stick pan without oil
Put blobs of about 1/3 ladle in the pan (about 3 fit each time)
When bubbles appear, flip and cook the other side
It gets hard not to burn them as you’ve cooked a few, you might even want to take a break

Nigella reckons you make about 20

I have now tried these out with lemon and raisins and they’re even better. I used lemon essence to make them more lemony and just a big handful of raisins in batter, as the ones you buy are very heavy on the raisins. I also turned the heat right down when cooking them and they didn’t burn at all! Will be making this version next time as they’re even nicer!

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Chicken pesto wrap

We had this for our picnic lunch today and loved it! It comes from a recent good food magazine, the same article as the pea houmous. It is suggested as a good lunch for a child. Panther doesn’t like white sauces that much so I made hers just with pesto, which Chris preferred too in the end, but it liked it as it was, with mayonnaise. I actually used 2 chicken breasts to serve 3, because that’s what we had, but a whole one of these was way too much for Panther, not least because I’d taken tons of other stuff that she ate first. In the magazine this if 356 calories and 15g fat. You need to use the larger sandwich wraps, sold in the bread aisle, rather than the little ones intended for fajitas.

Serves 2

1 cooked chicken breast, snipped into pieces with scissors
2 tbsp mayonnaise (sour cream or yoghurt are also options, but it think they’d be a bit too wet)
2 tsp pesto
2 thin slices mild cheese, eg Edam (I’d probably use grated next time, had to miss this out today as ran out of cheese)
2 flour tortillas
Handful chopped pepper, sweetcorn or cooked peas
Lettuce leaves

Mix the mayonnaise and pesto in a small bowl
Add the chicken and small veg (and cheese, if grated)
On a tortilla, lay half the lettuce leaves (and the sliced cheese if using)
Add the chicken mixture on top
Roll the tortilla. You need to leave quite a gap around the outside for this
Fold the edges under. It’s hard to make your wrap hold together so wrap it tightly in foil at this point
I left the wraps tightly wrapped in foil until the picnic. I took a sharp knife with us to cut through them ready to eat. You could cut them before taking them (although leave them in the foil) but might be a bit riskier for spillage.

We loved these, but we also love wraps in general, so will be trying a few more out!

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