Swedish meatballs

Been meaning to make these for ages, but pork is quite fatty. They were selling the 5% stuff much cheaper than normal last week so used that. Everybody loved these! Straight into the permanent collection! I didn’t make enough gravy… I’ve increased it here, but maybe even more, it’s yummy! Serve with mashed potato or pasta. I did mashed potato as its not my favourite so I rarely serve it. Mark love it, Panther hates it! But she loved the meatballs! This recipe is based on a good food one, but it’s my own version.

500g pork mince (lowest fat possible)

Dried dill (very important!)


Breadcrumbs (I didn’t include these, but it bulks it out)

500ml stock

Cranberry sauce or lingonberry jelly

Creme fraiche
Shape your meatballs. I normally make 16 with this amount

Fry your meatballs in spray oil. I just turned them once with tongs as they’re quite delicate (you should work the meat as much as possible to prevent them disintegrating)

Add your stock when the meatballs are fully cooked. Turn heat up and boil so it boils down. 

Add cranberry sauce and boil to the consistency you want

Take off the heat and add the creme fraiche


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