Chocolate orange custard tart

This is not the sort of thing I would usually make, but Chris asked me to make it and then he got a new job (kind of!) so I thought why not! Really delicious and really easy. I was making it whilst looking after a baby and 2 5 year olds (Panther had a friend round to play!) Definitely one I will do again! The original suggested cheating on the pastry but I made my own.

For the pastry
200g plain flour
25g cocoa
110g butter
80g sugar
1 egg

For the orange filling
5 medium orange
200ml double cream
4 eggs, beaten
85g caster sugar

For the chocolate drizzle
85g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
100ml double cream
2 tbsp golden syrup (I didn’t have this so missed it out)

For the pastry
Rub in the butter, cocoa and flour until it looks like breadcrumbs
Stir in the sugar
Add the egg and mix into a pastry. Add a tiny bit of water if necessary
Line a tart tin with the pastry, add baking beans, and bake for 15 mins
Remove beans and bake for another 10 mins

For the custard
Zest the oranges now!
Juice the oranges. Strain. Measure 250ml into a pan (my 5 oranges made way more!)
Add cream and bring to boil
Whisk the eggs and sugar then gradually add the hot cream to this (be careful as you don’t want the eggs to start cooking
Return custard to pan and heat gently for 10 mins whilst whisking
It’s ready when it coats the back of a spoon. It was relatively obvious so don’t worry, you’ll know!
Whisk in the zest then pour into the fully cooled pastry case
Put in fridge for at least 4 hours

For the chocolate drizzle
Melt the ingredients together over a gentle heat
Drizzle over the tart.
This leaves some extra to spoon on when serving. if you don’t want this, halve the recipe.

Serves 12- 368 calories. Original recipe is from Good Food magazine

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