Slimmer’s macaroni cheese bake

This is a slimming world macaroni cheese. It is yummy, but it’s not really totally like macaroni cheese! The kids loved this, they had a whole adult portion pretty much! So great for a family meal. You have to stick to the portion sizes (serves 4) as you are using the cheese as your healthy a (if on slimming world) but even so the portions are massive so it’s no problem.
300g macaroni


1 courgette

Garlic (should be 2 cloves, I used powdered)

400ml vegetable stock

4tbsp tomato purée

200g low fat natural cottage cheese

1 tsp grainy mustard (should really be mustard powder mixed with water, as per slimming world rules, but I didn’t have this!)

2 beaten eggs

120g grated cheese (or 160g low fat cheese)

Cook the macaroni

Grate the courgette and chop the other veg quite small. 

Fry the veg and garlic in spray oil whilst cooking the pasta for about 2/3 mins

Put the stock, tomato purée, eggs (cool the stock a bit or it will start cooking the eggs), mustard, cottage cheese and 3/4 of the cheese in a jug and mix

Mix the pasta and sauce well. Pour into a lasagne dish and top with cheese bake for 15-20 mins
Enjoy with a salad (but no bread if on slimming world!)

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