Chick pea popcorn

So I’ve started slimming world…!! Got half a stone to lose and just need it gone for the summer! Chickpeas are a free food, so if you don’t add any oil except spray oil, this is a free snack 🙂 if you cook them for quite a while, until they are really hard, they are kind of like popcorn and good for picking at in cinema or whatever! 

1 can chick peas

Spray oil

Herbs/ spice- explore what you like- I’ve tried paprika and Cajun
Spread chick peas on baking tray

Spray with spray oil

Sprinkle with herbs, and maybe some seasoning

Bake in oven- I didn’t check how long but think it’s about half an hour- you want them hard and crunchy, not at all soft 🙂

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