Salted Caramel brownies

These are from the latest edition of good food, which I appear to have lost, but luckily they are also now on their website. I made these for my mum and mum-in-law’s birthdays, which are together. They are quite easy- I hadn’t been bothered to make them the night before but managed to make them before the 9am pre-school run whilst looking after a pre-schooler and baby, although admittedly the pre-schooler was quite helpful! She even cracked the eggs into a bowl completely by herself (for the first time). The use of the caramel in the brownie mixture itself is great for the texture and I like the strip of it in the middle. I didn’t have the right salt, so just used table salt, which was fine in the caramel itself but I couldn’t use it as decoration sadly. Definitely worth making and eating. Apparently these are 345 calories and 19g fat, eek! 

 200g butter 

200g dark chocolate (she specifies a complex chocolate combination- I used value and can’t honestly see how the use of different chocolates could have improved it) 

Carnation caramel, 

1 can
1 tsp salt (should be flakes, I used table!) 

200g golden caster sugar

 4 eggs 

100g flour 

50g cocoa

Melt butter in a pan

Break in the chocolate. Take off the heat and stir to melt

Mix 175g caramel with some salt

Use an electric mixer to beat the rest of the caramel with the sugar and eggs

Whisk in the butter and chocolate mixture

Beat in the flour, cocoa and a pinch of table salt

Pour half the mixture into a greased lined tin… I used two loaf tins

Spread half the caramel on top… It will firm a stripe inside it

Put the rest of the mixture in and top with the renaming caramel

Drag a knife or fork through the caramel to make a feathered pattern (if you can be bothered!)

Bake fur 25-30 mins. When done it will jiggle a little but when you shake the tray

Cool then turn out and cut into 16 pieces

I think ths recipe would work really well with Easter eggs at Easter! 2 years ago I made creme egg brownies by topping with halved  creme eggs, yum yum! Ths would be good with this recipe I think.

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