GBBO: proper baked Cornish pasty

Made this weeks ago but so behind with my blogging! This recipe is from here. I was looking for a recipe where the meat etc was cooked in the pastry which is apparently the traditional way to do it. We enjoyed these, although they were a bit of a faff at times

450g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1tsp salt
125g butter
2 egg yolks
125 ml cold water

Blitz all ingredients except water in food processor until you get breadcrumbs
Pour in the water until a dough forms, you may not need it all
Chill in fridge

450g diced potato
150g diced swede
150g diced onion
300g chopped beef skirt (I used about 400g as that was the pack size. Had to chop it quite a bit more than how it was sold)
Salt and pepper
40g butter

Beaten egg

Mix veg in a bowl and season and season beef in a separate bowl
Divide pastry into 6 and roll each ball into a circle
Place some meat then veg into each one
Fold over to make a D-shaped pasty and use beaten egg to help secure the seal
Brush with beaten egg and cut a steam hole in the top
Bake for 50 mins, leave to cool for 5 mins before eating

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