Lamb koftas

This is a great recipe for me as I really don’t like lamb that much and in is recipe it doesn’t have a very strong lamby taste. Also, as a bonus, panther loved it. I didn’t make the raita to go with it as morrisons didn’t have the ingredients, but will try it next time. However, will almost certainly use ready cooked beetroot so we will see how that goes 🙂 the original recipe is from latest good food magazine. It serves 6 but I’ve cut it down to use the 500g size of lamb mince sold in morissons and therefore serve 4. Calories in original are 488 with 19g of fat, but that doesn’t include the wraps/ rice you serve it with

500g lamb mince
2 tsp garam masala

200g natural yoghurt
1 apple grated
1 small beetroot, about 50g, grated
Lemon juice
1 tsp garam masala

Small bunch coriander
Chopped onion soaked in some lemon juice, if you like onion
Wraps to serve

Mix mince with seasoning and garam masala and divide into 4 long sausage shapes
Cook in oven for 20 ish mins or grill for 5 mins each side

Make the raita by mixing together yoghurt, apple, beetroot, 1 tsp garam masala, lemon juice and some seasoning

Serve the koftas with wraps and raita, and some veg/ salad

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