Gnocchi with peas and bacon

Think this will become a common meal on shopping Tuesday, as I like us to have a fresh and exciting meal, but don’t get home until around 9pm. This is delicious, super quick and super easy, winner!
The original involves pancetta and comes from the latest olive magazine. I used bacon as it’s cheaper and easier, and as I used 3 rashers I then had 5 left which is what our little family needs for our Saturday morning bacon sandwiches!

Gnocchi, 1 pack (this is 500g in morissons but 400g in recipe, so final calorie count would be over the 548 given. Nowadays I use dried as it’s 2/3 the price)
3 rashers bacon, fat cut off
Shallot, 1 chopped (omitted this)
4 tbsp white wine or chicken stock (I used wine, was delicious)
100g frozen peas (I used a full tin of peas as freezer is still off)
3 tbsp low fat creme fraiche
25g Parmesan

Cook gnocchi according to pack instructions
Heat oil and fry bacon until cooked
Add shallot and cook for a few more minutes
Add wine/ stock, peas and creme fraiche and simmer for 1 minute
Tip in the drained gnocchi and Parmesan, stir and serve

This makes mammoth portions. 548 calories and 20.7g fat

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