GBBO: Florentines

I’m getting behind with my cookalong! Still need to make my rye bread from last week but also my pudding from this week, aargh! These were trickier than recipes if normally choose, but to be fair I’d make them again. They weren’t that bad! I used a recipe from nigella’s domestic goddess cookbook, which chris and I felt was nicer than his recipe… But at his work where they’re actually judging it they preferred his 😦 they were wrong!

100g whole blanched almonds (they sell them like this, I was worried I’d have to blanch them myself!)
90g mixed candied peel (nigella says to buy it in whole chunks and cut it, but this is pointless and nowhere normal sells it like this)
40g glacé cherries, chopped
25g butter
90g caster sugar
15g plain flour
150ml double cream
100g dark chocolate
50g white chocolate (nigella says 200g total but I found 150g was plenty. Use whatever ,mix you like)

Start by chopping the almonds. This is tricky and takes ages. I tried with the processor which worked quite well!
Chop the cherries and peel if you haven’t already
Melt butter and sugar without letting it catch
Add the flour, as if you’re making a roux for a white sauce. It should form a thick paste
Remove from heat and whisk in cream. I expected this to be tricky but it was easy. I used a hand whisk even.
Put back on heat to beat out any lumps, them remove again and stir the almonds, cherries and peel in
Drop spoonfuls on a tray to make little blobs. Space well as they spread out
Bake at 190 for 10-12 mins. I undercooked mine which is how I lost, make sure they’re browned a little
Give them 2-3 mins to firm up
When they can be easily lifted use a thin spatula to remove them from tray.
Melt your chocolates, separately. Use a brush to brush each one into the back of a few Florentines. Use a fork to create the traditional patterns on this
Nigella reckons this makes 30 but I only got about 20 from it

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