Honeybee biscuits

I’ve eaten loads of home baking today, whoops! These are brilliant! Samantha desperately wanted to try honey, so we tried these out (she also tried the honey and almonds on the way and loved them). The original recipe is here in video form (which is really useful when baking with those who can’t read at all!) it’s from Cathryn Dresser, whose book I discovered in tesco last week. I intend to buy it as a present for Samantha for Christmas. My only comment on the recipe would be at you need more flour. I used the amount it ways and then at the end shook some more in until it was a realistic dough to work with. It started off way too sticky, there was no way we could shape it at all.

125g butter
65g icing sugar
130g plain flour (add more after)
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp honey
Pinch salt
Demerara sugar

More honey to decorate
Yellow and black sugar paste (I bought a mixed box of colours for just over £2. Means I have other colours to use up but cheaper than buying a whole pack of each, and around the right amount for 10 biscuits, we actually managed to decorate 8)
Flaked almonds (only for the wings, probably don’t buy these just for this recipe, you could do without!)

Blend sugar and butter with electric whisk
Add honey and whisk
Add egg yolk and whisk
Add flour and salt and whisk briefly to mix
Stop whisking and mix a little with a spoon. Add a bit of flour to make the dough less sticky so you can work it
Put some cling film on surface and sprinkle Demerara on it
Form the dough into a sausage on top of the sugar, then sprinkle sugar all round the sausage
Tie up the ends of the cling film sausage like a sweet and put in fridge for 20 mins

Whilst waiting make your bees…
Cut yellow sugar paste into 10 squares
Roll each square into a bee shape
Use your black sugar paste to make 2 stripes and 2 eyes for each bee
Stick 2 flaked almonds into each bee like wings

After 20 mins, take the dough sausage out of fridge and unwrap
Slice it. It should make about 12. 10 proper biscuits and 2 ends (‘chef’s perks’!)
Place slices on a lined greased baking tray and bake in pre heated oven for 10 mins approx
Let biscuits cool a bit, then decorate…

Brush each biscuit with a little honey (used like glue here!)
Place a bee on each one

Here is the finished item, complete with bees, some of which have been single-handedly decorated by panther, age 3!


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