GBBO: Swiss roll

Yay, a new series of great British bake off! We LOVE this programme! And now we get to enjoy it for most of the week… It’s on tv properly on Wednesday and there’s a spin off on Friday, but we are also going to bake one item from the show each week, whichever we most fancy. Week one was cake week, so we are doing the signature bake, a Swiss roll. I proved I definitely shouldn’t go on the show with my effort, but I think I did a pretty good job considering I haven’t made one since year 7. Although to be fair, back then my Swiss roll was so good I made quite a few for family teas. I decided to do a fancy peach Melba one, which as an added bonus was really low calorie (you know, for a cake). Actually Swiss roll is generally not the worst thing in the world as it doesn’t have butter in.

My flavour was pretty good, but sadly my actual Swiss roll didn’t really work at all. I used a recipe from good food magazine, which very rarely fails me, but it didn’t really rise. I used my lovely new gadget, a stand mixer (which perhaps means I can go on the programme as they use them all the time), which was really handy for this. However, in my recipe you whisked the eggs and sugar together then folded in the flour. I think I should have used a higher setting when whisking (I didn’t see quite how many there were) as I don’t think I did it enough, but the main problem was when folding in the flour. I didn’t want to do too much as it would knock the air out. But I couldn’t then get all the lumps out. So it really didn’t rise very much (or at all!) It rolled well though so not all bad. Anyway, I am going to try another Swiss roll, to a different recipe (probably Chris’s if he ever blogs it) but probably a really basic jam and cream one. But not going to blog my actual roll recipe as it wasn’t great. Here are the tips I’ve picked up for next time though!

-whisk the eggs more!
-sift the flour. Although you generally don’t need to I think for is it really does need to be a bit finer.
-grease the paper with butter not spray oil as it does tend to stick
-this is one from the programme… Don’t bother with cuts to help it roll… It doesn’t help!
-but do pre-roll in extra baking paper, that worked well

And here is what I put in the filling, as this was nice and easy. Very loosely based on a good food one:
Fromage frais (to keep it low fat)
Custard powder
Icing sugar (not much needed)
Frozen raspberries
Peaches (I used 2) I chopped these and put them in raw, but the feedback seemed to be that I should have cooked them a little

I basically whipped the fromage frais, custard and icing sugar in the new stand mixer, stirred in the fruit, and rolled it all up. The flavour was great, if I do say so myself! This week… Florentines. I love Florentines, whoop whoop! Fancied making a bar, like they sell at the cafe at carsington, but can’t find a recipe so going to start with the normal ones. Watch this space…

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