Chicken, peach and feta salad

I’m adding this to the permanent collection! I’m not great at salads, I never seem to make good ones that’ll fill you up, but this one definitely will and has the added bonus that panther loved it. I did cheat and didn’t put any dressing on her salad leaves, but will risk it next time. The original recipe comes from good food magazine, but involves grilling the chicken, which I’m not great at, so I ovened the chicken and grilled the peaches. A bit awkward, but I’m just not great at grilling. This amount served 2 adults and a child, for a bit over 300 calories

2 chicken breasts, chopped into pieces
Feta (I used about half a block)
3 peaches
1 bag salad leaves

1 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp sherry vinegar
Chilli flakes (or a chopped chilli)
1 tsp honey

Oven the chicken
Mix the dressing ingredients together
Put the leaves in a bowl and dress
Chop the feta
When chicken is done, chop peaches into quarters and briefly grill
Put leaves, then other ingredients onto plates and serve

I served with homemade croutons. Ripped up 2 slices of bread, out in a bowl with olive oil and pepper and tossed, then ovened until crispy. But increases the calories and fat a bit!

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