Toblerone fondue

Not really a recipe, just an idea! Panther, aged 3, absolutely loved dipping strawberries and flumps in this. Essentially it’s just melted chocolate, with something, whatever you have to hand really, to thin it out. Yum!

Toblerone (we used 100g bar to serve about 4)
Double cream (any of these, I used them all as I had them)

To dip
Soft fruit
Biscuits (we like rich tea/ lotus biscuits)
Marshmallows (we used flumps as they can be dipped a lot but are far less calorific than normal marshmallows)

Melt the chocolate and whatever you’re thinning it with over a pan of boiling water
When melted, eat it!
You can save this in the fridge overnight and reheat

The original recipe, such as it is, came from nigella’s feast cookbook. She included amounts which I have just ignored.

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