Fish finger wraps

This is more an idea than a recipe but was absolutely delicious and we will definitely be doing it again. Was easy enough for Chris to cook for Samantha when arriving home at 6.15, but I simplified it a little for him by buying a tin of value mushy peas, when the original recipe said to mush your own. Having tried it I’ve decided I would always do this as it is easier and the Internet seems to think mushy peas generally count towards your 5, or even 7, a day! The original recipe comes from the latest edition of good food magazine. It’s part of an article on getting your 7 a day, as per the new guidelines, so they aim for 2 portions at breakfast and lunch and 3 at dinner, the 2 for this being a bowl of grated carrot and some peas. I don’t really worry about these guidelines as we pretty much always get enough, it’s more meat and fish I have to be careful we get enough of. But the meal was delicious and I upped the veg count by having a bowl of salad with it, 2 portions! The magazine gives this 391 calories and 15g fat so pretty good for a lunch… Although I did serve it with chips! I’m halving the amounts so it serves 1, as it seems like the sort of meal you’d make for yourself.

3 fish fingers (2 would be enough if you wanted to cut back)
1/3- 1/2 can mushy peas
Squeeze of lemon juice
1 tortilla wrap (wholemeal would be good. I just used a fajita wrap but a sandwich one would be a better size)
1 grated carrot (checked in shop and buying a carrot and grating it myself was about 1/4 of the price of buying it grated, so I guess I won’t be lazy with this in future!)
1- 2 cornichons, sliced

Cook the fish fingers
When ready, heat wrap in microwave and heat peas
Spread peas on wrap and top with fish fingers, carrot and cornichons
Roll up and eat

You could squirt more lemon at the end, or I think some tartare or even tomato sauce would be nice. Panther really enjoyed these apparently and has declared she’d like them again! Might cook them next week for our girls’ night in… Especially as I’m planning a chocolate and film-fest!

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