Peanut butter, chocolate and pretzel tart

This is so yummy! It comes from olive magazine and is one of their restaurant recipes, in this case from manuka kitchen, which is apparently in Fulham. I will be making this next time I have a dinner party (I never have a dinner party, but if I do…) because it’s really fancy and delicious, but very easy! The only change I’d make is the presentation. I made these in a Yorkshire pudding tray which worked surprisingly well, but would probably use ramekins next times then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about getting them out but keeping them neat. The original recipe served 6 but I’ve cut it down to serve 4 as there are 4 spaces in a Yorkshire pudding tray and only 3 of us. But at the bottom I will put the original quantities to serve 6. Making 6 would be handy in that pretzels appear to be sold in bags of 170g so it saves you having random pretzels left over!

to make 4
113g salted pretzels
2tbsp brown sugar (this is increased from the olive recipe as I thought it needed more)
100g melted butter
Chocolate filling
53g caster sugar (think using caster sugar is important here as it’s quite smooth)
53g cocoa powder
80g drinking chocolate powder (we can’t figure out why you have to use both cocoa and drinking chocolate. Chris is meant to be tweeting the guy to see if he can find out, but funnily enough hasn’t got round to it yet!)
40g dark chocolate (recipe specifies 70% but I used cheapo)
20g butter
160ml water
Peanut butter topping
57g smooth peanut butter
37g caster sugar
73g soft cheese
80ml double cream

Blend the pretzels in a food processor until well crushed.
Add the other ingredients and blend to mix
Press into the bases of whatever you’re using and chill in fridge (have a feeling if you use ramekins it will make more, which will help with calorie content!)

Chocolate filling
Bring sugar, cocoa, drinking chocolate and water to the boil and leave to bubble for at least 10 minutes
Take off the heat, add the chocolate and butter and stir until it’s smooth. Mine never seemed to be, but was fine in the end
Pour onto your bases and chill for at least 2 hours until the chocolate has set (we ate ours after and your and it was fine)

Peanut butter cream
Mix the peanut butter, sugar and soft cheese (recipe says use food processor, but as you’ve already used it for the pretzels this is awkward. Anyway, there’s no need as they mix really easily)
Whip the cream
Fold the cream into the other ingredients
When ready to serve place a spoonful of this cream onto each tart

Calorie content (eek) 848 calories and 55g fat. Hence it’s only for a treat!

Original amounts, to serve 6
170g salted pretzels
3 tbsp brown sugar
150g butter
80g caster sugar
80g cocoa powder
120g drinking chocolate powder
60g dark chocolate
30g butter
235ml water
85g smooth peanut butter
55g caster sugar
110g soft cheese
125ml double cream


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