Mars bar crispy cakes

This recipe comes from nigella’s feast book, and she calls them chocolate caramel crispy cakes. I made them as a snack for a hen party last weekend and they went down really well. So well in fact that I’ve just bought three more mars bars ready to make another batch! Nigella makes about 40 tiny ones, but I made them in normal cupcake cases and the mixture made 12 large ones. This was much more practical though because the cases could be filled in the muffin tin and left in it until they were solid, so they kept their shape more easily. This really couldn’t be simpler but I will definitely be following this recipe rather than using plain chocolate next time I make crispy cakes.

3 x 55g (normal size) mars bars (this is a small pack, £1.34 in morrisons)
55g butter (seems a little exact for this type of recipe!)
70g cornflakes

Break the mars bars into bits and put in a saucepan on a low heat with the butter
Gently melt, stirring frequently
When it’s pretty much melted, tip the cornflakes in and mix so they are fully coated
Fill the cupcake cases with mixture and refrigerate for at least an hour

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2 thoughts on “Mars bar crispy cakes

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness these sound delicious!!

  2. Ha I’m anonymous – forgot it wasn’t Facebook – love your lovely sister xx

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