Peach Melba smoothie

I’ve not really felt like cooking for a while as I’ve been a bit poorly, but think we are back on track now! Not been eating that well either, so this week we are really trying to eat all the stuff you should (oily fish, fruit and veg, calcium). This smoothie isn’t really suitable for breakfast but absolutely delicious as an evening treat, and I reckon 2 portions of fruit and veg (smoothies can count as two because they include fruit pulp, unlike pure juice which is just a massive sugar hit). I used value custard in a tin, as when I checked the label it was lower in calories than ambrosia low fat. Fat tends to be demonised, but sugar is just as bad, so I just focus on eating broadly speaking the right stuff, and getting calorie count right.

Can of peach halves/ slices in juice (as syrup adds sugar which is unnecessary)
Half tin of low fat custard
100g frozen raspberries (you use them frozen so no point using fresh)
100ml orange juice

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender and drink through a straw 🙂

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