Pork meatloaf with spaghetti sauce

I’ve spent an enjoyable few hours in the kitchen tonight, finishing up with a clean! I’ve cooked cheat’s macaroni cheese for tea and quick oven quiche Lorraine for tomorrow’s picnic, and just waiting for my jam doughnut muffins to come out of the oven! This recipe is from last night’s tea though and it was lovely! I chose it because it was cheap, I had some spare minced pork, and crucially it could be prepared in advance and just heated up, perfect for when you have, for example, a late afternoon swimming lesson! When Chris arrived home to eat (I was at the gym) he just had to cook the spaghetti. Chris particularly liked this, I really enjoyed it as it was a bit different, and despite the sauce being pretty hot, panther liked it after her initial reluctance to try it! I altered the original recipe, from Jamie Oliver’s save with Jamie book, quite a lot. Mainly I wanted to reduce the amount, to serve just 3 and use up the mince I had, so I reduced the amounts for the meatloaf, but kept the sauce amounts as they were. Jamie reckons this has 592 calories per portion, so pretty good for you (if dividing this between 4 it would be slightly higher in calories)

700 ml jar passata
2 cloves garlic
3 chillies
Half a pack of salami (original recipe says onion- I improvised as Chris wouldn’t have liked this)
3 carrots (would use more next time)

400g minced pork
50g breadcrumbs (equivalent to 1 crust)
30g feta (morrisons keeps running out of this, so used Red Leicester)
1 Egg (I didn’t include this and didn’t miss it)

75g each of spaghetti

Cut the carrots in half and then into chunks, and roast for 10 mins
Scrunch together the meatloaf ingredients. Work it plenty, as mentioned before. Season.
Shape into a meatloaf shape and, when the carrots have done, place it in the middle of the roasting tray
Cook for 25 mins until golden and cooked through

Meanwhile make the sauce

Halve the chillies and deseed.
Fry them in a little in oil
Take the chillies out and add the garlic, frying for 2 mins
Add the salami and fry for 1 more minute
Add the passata, swilling the jar with a little water and adding this too
Simmer the sauce until the meatloaf is ready
Pour the sauce around the meatloaf and place the chillies on top
Serve with pasta, which you hopefully cooked 10 minutes ago!!!

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