The big Eurovision buffet

I’m never one to miss the opportunity for an exciting food celebration! Eurovision is a great one to celebrate. We initially intended to have a party with actual guests, but couldn’t be bothered to invite anyone so just had all the food for us! With the massive advantage of copious leftovers (this was yesterday, today we ate leftovers for both meals!) I decided to have an item to represent a range of countries in Europe (not every country, as I wanted it to be quick and fun to prepare, not a chore!) so here is my list of what I made, and then below I will put the recipes for a few of them, that aren’t worth a second blog post.

Uk- cornflake tart (a new favourite!) and sausages
Denmark- Danish pastries
Netherlands- Edam
Germany- salami
Spain- tortilla
Italy- homemade pizza, using last week’s frozen dough and sauce. A triumph!
France- croissants
Greece- olives (a bit tenuous, these could have represented loads of the countries!)
Sweden- meatballs and sauce
Belgium- truffle sauce (sadly didn’t work but the idea was there)
Uk/ Italy- spag Bol pasties (these were using up leftovers but thought they might as well feature!)

Truffle sauce
This was supposed to be little truffles, but I was improvising as I didn’t have double cream. Hit on the idea of using yoghurt, which I did have, and found this recipe for yoghurt truffles which I thought would work. I had savers natural yoghurt and the recipe called for Greek yoghurt so perhaps that’s why it failed! I think I might try it again at some point anyway, because the taste was great. We just ate it as a dip, and are going to use it as a hot chocolate base.

Equal amounts of:
White chocolate (100g)
Greek yoghurt (probably not low fat)

Melt chocolate and stir in yoghurt
Cool for at least an hour in the fridge
In theory… scoop out balls of mixture and coat in sugar or similar, but this nowhere near worked for me!

Swedish meatballs
These were so good I think we will have them again next week! I will need a sauce to go with them and will probably buy some cranberry sauce (lingonberry would be best but I’m not going to ikea) to accompany them. The essential ingredient is the dill.

400g minced pork
1/2 egg (I used a whole one, it was too much)
Dull and seasoning

Put all ingredients in a bowl and work with your hands for quite a while (apparently the more you work meatballs the better- we learnt this on our cookery course in January)
Shape meatballs and place in lined tray to bake (you could fry them, but this is healthier, and you can add them to the sauce later)
Bake for about 25-30 mins

For the sauce I used creme fraiche mixed with dill and seasoning as this was a buffet. If making as a main course I’d make this not a hot sauce to pour over, and serve with cranberry.



Can you tell which photo was before we ate and which one after??? It’s fair to say I made a bit too much food!

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