Pesto pancakes and ham

My favourite cookbook has always been nigella express. Chiefly because I want to cook pretty much everything in there, and then also because it’s all so easy! You’d think we would have cooked everything in there by now but surprisingly there are still quite a few recipes we want to try out. This one has been on my list for ages. She calls it green eggs and ham but I wanted to be more specific! It is a great breakfast food, coming in at about 160 calories per pancake, including ham, so two is a great portion for a weekend breakfast. Although go easy on the butter you fry in as that’s not included in the calorie count! I expected to get hungry but actually these kept us full all morning until lunch, at around 2, I guess because they are quite protein-rich. They are easiest to make with a food processor, but if not you could just use a whisk. This recipe makes 5 pancakes.

75g pesto (nigella says to use fresh, but I can’t afford that so I just use the normal stuff)
1 egg
75g plain flour
150ml semi skimmed milk (I made this by mixing blue and red!)

Oil/ butter to fry (we always use butter for pancakes, it’s nicer)
5 large thin slices of ham (needs to be nice stuff, as it’s kind of the focus, I used some ‘carvery’ slices from morrisons)

Blend together the pesto, egg, flour and milk to make a batter
Heat butter/ oil in a frying pan
Ladle in 1/5 of the batter and swirl to make a thin pancake, and cook as you normally would cook a pancake!
When they are all ready wrap a slice of ham in each one and eat warm

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One thought on “Pesto pancakes and ham

  1. M. Shaffer

    Sounds amazing! . I have made Green onion and cheddar cheese pancakes before as part of a south western brunch. Can not wait to give these pesto ones a try.

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