Frozen yoghurt

We have had the ice cream machine for longer than we’ve had panther (now three!) and tonight we actually finally used it!!! I had exciting plans to make proper ice cream, but ran out of budget whilst shopping so ended up not affording the ingredients. But then reading further in the instruction manual I came across the idea of frozen yoghurt. This is likely to become a staple in our house as it only took the amount of time we took to eat our tea to churn and be ready to eat, and was a much more exciting pudding than just a bit of yoghurt. And dividing the pot by three of us, a portion is between 150 and 200 calories, which I think is pretty good. I’m hoping to try an actual ice cream over the weekend though!

I have a magimix ice cream maker, the type where you put the bowl in the freezer overnight and then put the motor and blade on top to churn the ice cream. You wouldn’t be able to make frozen yoghurt without an ice cream maker of some sort, as it’s the churning that produces the consistency you need. So the first step to the recipe is freezing the bowl overnight, unless you have a fancy tabletop ice cream maker!
Al you need for this recipe is a large pot of yoghurt. I think it needs to be quite decent yoghurt if it’s a flavoured one, or I think the end product might not be very nice. I used a pot of oaken (450g) which is on offer for £1 at the moment. Rachel’s organic yoghurt would be nice too. These large pots of yoghurt tend to often be on offer at £1 so I guess I’ll just make it when they are.
All you need to do is tip the yoghurt into the ice cream maker and churn it for 10-20 minutes. Ten eat straight away (not sure if this would last, there was no indication in the booklet but my gut feeling is it’s better eaten straight away. I will test this tomorrow potentially though as Chris is not in for tea so I could save his ice cream for him.

Today I used a fat free yoghurt and it worked well. Tomorrow I’m going to try a normal one, mango, passion fruit and something else. Yum yum!

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