Cafe review- cafe Ode, Shaldon, Devon

I get olive magazine every month now as well as good food magazine. I read it cover to cover. I prefer good food magazine, but olive is a good reading magazine, whereas good food is very recipe-focused. I rarely make many of the recipes, as their style doesn’t suit me as well, but I could read cook books and magazines all day, and frequently do! I read all the restaurant reviews, even though they are almost always a) too expensive for me and b) in places I’ve never been. I have previously only ever visited one restaurant recommended by olive… And that was burger chain GBK! Which to be fair has become one of my favourite restaurants, but still…
So I was pretty excited when they featured a cafe last month which was going to be close to where we were going on holiday. So excited that I told my sister on pretty much the first day of holiday that we definitely had to go.
It wasn’t until the Thursday of the holiday that we actually made it to this cafe but I’m so pleased we did. The whole experience was great, starting off from the fact I was actually visiting somewhere from my magazine. Oddly, although we’ve been on holiday to this art of Devon since we were little, Shaldon is a place we’ve never actually been before! We liked it a lot, although there’s pretty much only a beach, souvenir shop, views and this cafe!
The cafe prides itself on being family friendly, which I liked, and there was plenty of space around the tables for panther to run around, as well as a few (knackered, but still) toys. We sat on a big long table outside to take full advantage of the view, and give panther some space to play. Rachel ordered a cup of tea which she said was great and I had a lovely local apple juice (buying local and being extremely green are there other two big features). I got Samantha a hot chocolate as a treat but it was more of an adult-tasting one, made fresh with dark chocolate. The drinks were great but it was the cakes that were the real hit! We ordered a ginger cake and a brownie to share, and then had to buy another brownie as Samantha had eaten my whole portion! Both cakes were absolutely delicious, and really reasonable at £1.40. It’s nice to be able to buy Samantha her own cake!
I think the best I can say is that we enjoyed the whole experience, and particularly the brownies, so much that the following day we planned our entire outing around going back! On the Friday we bought a lovely pasty in teignmouth, which is just across the estuary from Shaldon, took the ferry across to eat the pasty on the beach, and then walked up to the cafe for a brownie and drink. A totally brilliant day out and one we plan to repeat!
This cafe has a great ethos, and you can read about it on their website, here. But mainly, we had a great visit and enjoyed lovely drinks and great brownie (I desperately wanted the ginger cake too on the second visit but nobody would share it with me because they weren’t prepared not to have less than a whole brownie!) We have been back, and we will be back again!




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