Potato crispies

Another boost for the zero waste policy… This recipe saves you from wasting potato peelings. Admittedly this is probably not a major concern to most people, but I still think any opportunity to use food rather than waste it is a bonus. I’ve just realised I should have saved one so I could see how they were cold, as crisps, but sadly I topped them all, so I will have to do that little experiment next time. I actually don’t often peel potatoes because I like the skin and dislike the waste, but perhaps now I’ve got this recipe I might start peeling them, as panther isn’t a lover of the skin. We will be making these every time we have potato peelings from now on. This is from my new Lorraine pascale book, the good for you baking one. She gives them about 78 calories if you have about 50g, not sure if she’s including the dip.

Potato peelings (quite thin, however many you’ve got. We just shared one potato- worth.
Spray oil
Paprika or cayenne pepper
Low fat Creme fraiche to serve (would be lovely mixed with chives)

Spread the peelings on a tray in a thin layer
Spray with oil and sprinkle with spice (they need quite a thick sprinkling)
Bake for 10-12 mins
Serve with the creme fraiche (I will update once I’ve tried them cold!)

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