Money-saving tip… Milk ice cubes

I think I’ve talked about the milk situation before… We have to buy both red and blue milk, we never drink enough and always have some left over, I have to use it up as I have a zero waste policy, I make a lot of scones…
Actually I make lots of things with leftover milk, here are some:

Scones (cherry, raisin, cheese, ginger)
Anything containing buttermilk (milk soured with lemon does the trick)
Angel delight (I mix red and blue together to make green for this)
Proper coffee (latte)

This time I didn’t feel like making anything special, so I just poured the milk into an ice cube making bag and froze it. Tried it in my tea and it works well. Three ice cubes is best for me. I’ve decided to freeze only red or green (ideally green) because that way any member of the family can use them, without me labelling them, so they’re more versatile and more likely to get used up. It’s a win-win situation really because although we often have milk to use up, we also often run out midweek and this will mean we are never without the milk for a cup of tea! Good times!

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