Coronation pasta salad

I love this salad! It is basically the flavours of coronation chicken in a pasta salad, with no meat, but I think it really works. It is a good food recipe and the reviews on the website are a little dodgy which I find bizarre as I’ve served it to other people a few times, particularly a Chris’s birthday party last year, and it’s always been really popular. People have even asked for the recipe, such as it is! Today I made it to accompany a lovely barbecue, the first of the year. I guessed at the ingredients list and amounts, but the original recipe is here if you want it. I forgot the sultanas today but would definitely have included them if I remembered. I tend to work out the amounts for the sauce by pouring it in with the pasta, then you can see how much you need and work with that. You need to be very careful to mix it thoroughly when doing it this way, but it means you don’t have to weigh anything at all- bonus! I’m not including any weights here, but you could refer to the original recipe if you want them.

Pasta (I used macaroni)
Natural yoghurt
Lemon juice (forgot it today)
2 large tbsp (at least) mango chutney
Curry powder (don’t overdo this. Panther said it burnt her tongue)
Diced cucumber
Raisins/ sultanas

Cook the pasta
Mix in the yoghurt followed by the rest of the ingredients
Serve immediately or it saves well also

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