Espresso martini

It’s been a long time since we last had a cocktail… So long in fact that at some point we appear to have decided to get rid of the cocktail shaker! Although this may turn out to just not have been unpacked yet. This and the cake that follows were made for national coffee week, because I love my food and like to celebrate any food-based occasion! We really enjoyed these and would make them again, but be careful with the vodka, and make sure you’ve got enough ginger syrup. I used the syrup from the stem ginger jar, which was fine for 2 drinks but struggled to make a third 😦 Chris’s second drink tasted pretty strongly of vodka he said! The amounts are per glass.

50ml vodka
25ml espresso coffee, chilled (Machine needed for this, I used my espresso machine)
15ml ginger syrup

The original recipe comes from olive magazine blog. It calls for sugar and cinnamon round the rim of the glass and coffee beans in the cocktail itself, but for just us at home I’m not going to any about with that! We thought this would be a good cocktail recipe to impress people if we have a party, because it’s pretty unusual!

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