Coffee and walnut cake

Again, made this for national coffee week… Made it for Chris to take to work to cheer them up as it’s not a nice month for accountants! This is good food magazine’s cappuccino cake, although I didn’t follow the icing recipe. I might do a mascarpone icing next time as it would have been nice. I tried to do a basic buttercream, as per Mary Berry’s recipe (100g icing sugar to 50g butter per batch) and used 3 batches. However I didn’t have icing sugar, and Chris was out for the night, so I had to improvise and use soft light brown sugar in the buttercream in place of most of the icing sugar. Tis worked well and I think the crunchiness worked for a coffee cake, but might do it properly next time. Chris’s colleagues loved this cake. It doesn’t taste loads and loads of coffee, but is just right, and very moist for a coffee and walnut, because I think they can sometimes be dry.

250g butter
250g light soft brown sugar
300g sr flour
4 eggs, beaten
50g walnuts, broken up a little (I bought a 50g bag from morissons and used a second to decorate, because when my cakes have nuts in I like to put nuts on top too so it’s clear!)
100ml coffee (I don’t think instant would be good, I used espresso, decaf)

For the drizzle
100ml coffee (my 6 cup machine had this 200ml plus enough for an espresso)
2-3 tbsp light soft brown sugar

Beat butter and sugar with electric mixer
Add flour and eggs in one go and continue beating
Fold in walnuts and 100ml coffee (took a while to combine the coffee properly)
Spoon the mixture into greased lined sandwich tins and bake for 25-30 mins
Mix the drizzle ingredients together
Prick the cake a few times and pour the drizzle over it, like you would a lemon drizzle cake.
Sandwich and decorate as required! I added coffee to my buttercream, but only a bit. Not sure how long this cake would last… Ours was gone in one day!

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