So, I said I’d try making these…! Tis was precipitated by me having bought a tub of sour cream which was totally not needed and went out of dates so with the whole zero waste thing we needed to use it up! Panther had a cold one for breakfast and loved it. In fact she asked for another at tea time, but to be fair she does like all pancakes! Wanted to make these again tonight but ran out of time with making the cake. Hoping to make them tomorrow, so long as the sour cream is still ok, but it was dated about Monday!

80g strong flour (I used bread flour)
1/2 tsp yeast
75g sour cream
90ml milk (I used skimmed)
1 egg, separated
1tbsp melted butter (I did this in frying pan just before frying them)
Dill (I didn’t add this but if doing prawns or similar

Sir flour and yeast together
Add sour cream, milk and egg yolk and stir in briefly
Cover and leave for 1 hour until thick and bubbly
Whisk egg white until white and frothy
Fold egg white, butter and dill to mixture
Brush butter/spray oil in a frying pan
Drop 2tbsp batter in the pan for each blini. You can easily do 3 at a time. Fry for 30 seconds on each side. I found this got very smoky very quickly.

Next time I might do 1tbsp per blini, as this would make them more the size you buy. Doing 2 tbsp per recipe this made 12.

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