Cardamom and ginger shortbread

This is from my new Lorraine pascale recipe book, which I got for mothers’ day. I’m very pleased with it, as she’s one of my favourite cooks, although this definitely isn’t my favourite of her books (my favourite is the cooking one I’ve got from the library). However, that said there are loads of lovely recipes I want to try. Started with this as the flavour interested me. Would add much more cardamom next time I think. If yo cut into ten she says 177 calories per slice. I cut it into 8 and had 3 slices, so best not to count… Although I did nearly 2 hours at gym today and have been for a walk!

100g butter
80g soft light brown sugar
200g plain flour
1 tsp cardamom (didn’t have ground so used seeds from about 5-6 pods, would use more next time)
1 piece stem ginger, chopped (would probably add a tiny bit of ground ginger next time to help the flavour permeate more)
1 tsp vanilla extract (didn’t have this)
1 tbsp egg white (wonder how much this added… Was quite annoying and now have an egg to use up!)
Pinch salt (think I forgot this)
2 tbsp semi- skimmed milk (definitely forgot this!)

Cream butter and sugar
Add everything else, plus 1 tbsp cold water and mix together
Use hand to bring it together into a ball
I pushed it into a circle on a lined baking tray and made fork marks round the edge, then marked off my slices
Bake for 35-40 mins at 170
Chop into the wedges and eat

The colour was darker, I guess because of the sugar, but otherwise just tasted like normal shortbread with flavour. I would definitely cook these again and would also use this flavouring again.

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