Bolognese pasties

Make spaghetti bolognese. Enjoy it. If you need a recipe, there’s bound to be one on here somewhere, my wife makes it all the time.

Make enough that you have leftovers. Leftovers are amazing! You can have spag bol another day, or make it into a bolognese shepherd’s pie, or… pasties!

Assuming you have made 500g mince into bolognese and have eaten two generous portions (or two portions and one portion for your three-year-old) you have enough for 12 mini pasties.

280g plain flour
70g buttery-style fat (Flora buttery, Clover, or even butter!)
70g light fat (Flora light, or a margarine)
ice cold water with a bit of lemon juice – 1-2tsp
Basil, oregano, parsley and black pepper

Pop the flour, salt and butters in a mixer and pulse up until it resembles the ubiquitous breadcrumbs. Keep it going and add the water/lemon a bit at a time. Start with 1tsp and see how it looks (it will depend on the flour)
Sprinkle the herbs in. Make sure you pronounce the “h” so people know you aren’t American.
Knead it all together a bit. Not too much, it’s not bread.
Rest it. This has something to do with gluten. I don’t really know. But you do need to rest it.
Split into 12. Split your bolog into 12 too. Roll 12 ovals. Splat a dollop of bolog in. Fold over and press the edge with a fork.
In the oven for 25-30 minutes at 180C. Shit, I forgot to tell you to turn the oven on! Sorry! But come on, it was common sense. You’ve been reading long enough now, I need you to raise your game.

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