Easy sausage rolls

We were having a picnic today and I felt there wasn’t enough savoury… So I got a packet of puff pastry and some sausages out of the freezer and made sausage rolls! Panther helped and enjoyed helping, but refused to eat the finished product. I have eaten way too many of the finished product, so probably not good for my diet! Have frozen the remains leaving some for Chris to eat at work. I wanted to brush the insides with a mixture my friend made for a party at Christmas, but haven’t got round to asking her for the details. I know it involved whole grain mustard but didn’t have any of this, so just kept them plain. They are really nice anyway, despite the simplicity!

8 sausages (I used healthy choice ones)
Pack of puff pastry (this was 500g but probably a bit too much, could use about 1/4 or 1/3 less)
1 egg, beaten

Roll the puffins try to a very large rectangle
Ct it into 16 rectangular shapes
Snip each sausage in two and lay one piece on each rectangle
Brush the egg onto the inside of each roll and wrap it up
Brush egg onto the top of each one
Bake for about 30 mins

There was a tiny bit of egg leftover so we cooked it in the microwave and added it to breakfast (we made all this really early this morning!)

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