Baked chestnut and mushroom risotto

Another brilliant Lorraine pascale recipe. Putting this in the permanent collection as I’m way too lazy to make a proper risotto, but this is basically the same for minimal effort. And no onion so good for Chris too! Ideally I’d make half this amount a this serves 4-6, but we are just eating this across two days, think it’ll keep ok.

10-12g dried porcini mushrooms (half a pack, they are expensive though 😦 )
Large knob butter
150g chestnut mushrooms
100-150g cooked whole chestnuts (she says tinned but I used a box, again expensive. I used 100g as this was half a pack so I can make it again with the leftovers)
400g arborio rice (annoyingly, a packet is 500g but no real way around this)
Glass white/ rose wine
700ml chicken stock
1 bay leaf
100g Parmesan (I used a bit of Parmesan and some cheddar, but didn’t have 100g total)
Handful frozen peas
Thyme (I’d use dry unless I was growing it, but didn’t have any)
Drizzle of truffle oil (used this as had some left from years ago)

Put 200ml warm water on the mushrooms and leave for 20 mins
Melt butter in a pan and cook the chopped fresh mushrooms for 3-5 mins
Add chestnuts, pepper, rice and stir together
Add the wine and boil until most of it is gone
Add the stock and bay leaf and return to boil
Use a sieve to drain the porcini mushrooms, adding the liquid to the risotto
Chop the porcini mushrooms and add them
Tip into a casserole (actually I was already using one) and put in oven, uncovered, for 20 mins at 200
Sir in cheese, peas, thyme and cook for 15-20 mins more. Check during this time and if it’s drying out, add more water (mine needed this)
Serve drizzled with the oil

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