Orange butterfly cakes

This recipe is from Mary Berry’s new tv series. It is a great recipe and makes delicious cakes. The trick of putting a bit of curd in is great as it keeps the cake moist. But the best thing about this one was realising what a good idea it is to cook with panther from a tv recipe, as it allows her to actually see wha she needs to do and follow the instructions. So I’m planning to make these at least once more before the programme comes down from iplayer, and I also definitely want to make the loaf cake that she made after these in the programme.

100g butter
100g sugar
100g sr flour
2 eggs
1 tbsp baking powder (Mary said that if you use too much it rises up too much in the oven so then sinks, which I didn’t know)
1 orange zest

Mary always uses the all in one method, so put all the ingredients in a bowl
Beat with an electric mixer. This didn’t take long
Spoon into cases (12)
Bake at 140 fan for 18-20 mins (I baked at 160 as it didn’t seem very hot. I also baked them too long. It didn’t hurt them though as the crust was delicious!)
Cool them

Orange curd (I couldn’t find this so used lemon. Probably would do this again as it was tasty but value lemon curd only costs 22p
100g icing sugar
50g butter

Make the icing by blending the icing sugar and butter until smooth (Mary says to beat it but I always use the food processor for this type of icing
Cut a circle from the top of each cake and cut it in half
Spoon a bit of curd into each cake
Pipe icing sugar into each cake (I used a food bag with corner cut off which didn’t really work. If I haven’t got an icing bag next time I would just spoon it in)
Place the cut out bits of cake on top to look like wings

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