Mango crunch cookies

Like the slow-cooked porridge, this recipe is from the latest edition of good food magazine. I liked the idea because they’re a bit unusual, and we absolutely loved them. We’ve had about 4 each tonight! The magazine suggests icing them with a water icing (but made with mango juice if you have any) and then sprinkles, but I wouldn’t bother with this unless you’re doing it with a child (as suggested in the magazine). The biscuits are very mangoey and it’s great! The magazine gives them 156 calories if you make 14 large ones.

140g butter
50g golden caster sugar (forgot we had this and used granulated)
1 egg yolk (slightly annoying but I will add the white to a scrambled egg- apparently they can be saved 48 hours in the fridge or frozen)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp maple syrup (I just had to miss that out)
100g dried mango (they sold this in a 60g pack for £1.50 so I supplemented it with raisins which worked well)
175g plain flour (annoyingly I am currently storing this in a jug with cling film over it, as I tried to put it in scones the other day when I actually needed self raising)

Blitz butter and sugar in a processor (it’s good that I now have a huge open worktop and can put the processor on this so panther can work with it, whereas before she had to watch from a distance)
Add egg yolk, vanilla, maple syrup and mango and blitz to blend and chop the mango more (I put the raisins in at this point too)
Add the flour and pulse to form a soft dough
Put the dough in the fridge for at least 20 mins
At this point the magazine suggests rolling and cutting out, but we just rolled balls and pressed them down.
Bake for 12-15 mins at 180 (we baked the second batch for 20 mins but they were fine, which was confusing!)
Ice if you like

These are in the permanent collection, they are totally delicious!

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