Haggis nachos (and burgers with the leftovers!)

I’ve had haggis quite a few times in my life. The first time was when a friend cooked it for a burns night party back when I lived in France, and I was very brave, I went straight for the normal one. We had a lot at my cousin’s wedding a few years ago, they even served it on the breakfast at the hotel! This year I thought I’d do some for us, mainly because I really enjoy any sort of celebration, especially a food-related one. On the radio (2, that’s all I listen to) Nigel Bardon described a recipe for haggis nachos which sounded like an ideal Saturday night meal, because I wouldn’t be totally sure how to serve it properly. I did it as an idea, not following all his recipe, but to be fair it was absolutely delicious. Haggis is the ideal topping for nachos because it’s dead easy to prepare. I thought steaming it sounded the best idea, it took about 45 mins I think. Unfortunately I wimped out of cooking the meat one myself and just did a veggie one but it was totally delicious. Not sure how the burgers would be with the meat one, but worth a try. I’m thinking of getting another haggis and doing these meals again next week… Although we do also have Chinese New Year on Friday so a fair few food celebrations to fit in!

This was to serve 2 (they don’t save well so best to just cook what you need)
Half a bag of Doritos (or equivalent amount of other tortilla chips)
Half a pot of salsa
Half a pot of sour cream
Half a pot of guacamole
Grated cheese (as much as you like)
1 haggis (you need to cook it all but half seemed the right amount for us)

Steam the haggis
Place the Doritos in a lasagne dish and mix the cheese in with them
Bake this in the oven for 5-10 mins until the cheese has melted
Crumble the haggis on top and serve with the dips

250g minced beef
Approx half a leftover haggis

Mix the haggis and beef together as well as you can, using your hands
Form 4-6 little patties
Bake in the oven for approx 20 mins (I didn’t actually check how long they took, so watch them!)

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