Cheat’s gingerbread/ garibaldi house!

A lot of my recipes seem to be cheats recently! This one came from Samantha’s friends magazine. I wasn’t keen to bother, but she really took to the idea as it was on a page with Rosie and raggles who she quite likes! It was to be fair an amazing idea. Probably not worth eating by the time you’ve used it as a decoration, but a great little craft project and very easy! We will make this again.

Garibaldi biscuits (make sure they aren’t pre-broken)
Melted chocolate (I used a full bar of cheapo dark chocolate)
Water based icing (make it much thicker than normal as it needs to stick sweets on to a vertical surface without them sliding off)
Sweets of your choice/ writing icing etc

Garibaldi biscuits come in 4 strips of 5. Break each strip so you have a 3 and a 2
Cut two of the 2s into a triangle (look at the picture and you’ll see how it should be). A sharp knife cuts it fine
Stick the triangles to the remaining 2s to make the sides of the house using the chocolate. Refrigerate for 10-15 mins until set
Construct the rest f the house using the melted chocolate, and refrigerate Until set
Decorate as you want. If using lots of decorations it might help to refrigerate part-way through so it sets firm.

Hope you enjoy this as much as panther did!!!


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