Cheat’s macaroni cheese

Can’t believe I hadn’t blogged this before! The recipe is from good food magazine but I have simplified it even more. It is one of panther’s absolute favourites.

400g macaroni
140g frozen peas (I just estimate this now)
140g light mascarpone (I use normal as morrisons don’t stock light. Tis is about 2/3 of a pot unfortunately so you do have to come up with a plan for the rest!)
1 tbsp English mustard (you will alter this to your taste. I use less rather than more due to panther)
140g grated cheese
175g shredded ham. I normally use a pack of wafer thin ham as this is cheap. I buy smoked if I can as it tastes best in this
Breadcrumbs for topping, 1 slice

Cook the macaroni adding the peas for the last 3 mins
Drain, keeping a cup of the cooking water
Put the pasta pan back on the heat and add the mascarpone, mustard and most of the cheese
Mix well, adding some of the cooking water to help a smooth sauce to form
Sir in the ham
Pour into a lasagne dish. It totally fills mine
Top with the breadcrumbs and grated cheese and grill. I sometimes just use cheese if I can’t be bothered with breadcrumbs. I also sometimes just oven it if I can’t be bothered with the grill. It is ready when the topping looks how you want it (ie. browned and melted!)

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