Peanut butter cups

Another recipe from nigella christmas! I’ve made these before but not for a few years, but nigella suggested that pushing the peanut butter mixture into the cases was a good job for small hands so thought it would be good for panther to make. Plus I had half a pack of petit four cases to use up! It wasn’t an ideal recipe for panther to be fair as the mixture is a bit crumbly so probably more suitable for slightly older children. I like these way too much so had to halve nigella’s recipe to make sure I didn’t eat too much. Even so I have had a load of the mixture, and three full cups. Whoops! However, they are now safely in the freezer and staying there until Christmas, when I get them out as a present for my mum! Nigella says they’re fine frozen, just defrost overnight, but I won’t really know until next week. If not freezing, she reckons they last 2 days. This amount, half the original recipe, makes 24 mini cups, perfect for a present for 1-2 people.

25g soft dark brown sugar
100g icing sugar
25g butter
100g smooth peanut butter
200g dark chocolate

Blend the ingredients together in a processor (or by hand)
Press into the bottom of petit four cases
Melt 200g dark chocolate (slightly more than nigella suggests, but I found I needed plenty)
Put a teaspoon full of chocolate onto each cup and smooth so it covers the base
Top with decorations of your choice

I have just made these as per nigella’s original recipe in her domestic goddess cookbook and like them even more, because they’re easier but realistically look a bit neater! Instead of putting them into mini cupcake cases you just press the mixture into a lined loaf tin (amounts as above). Then top with 150g melted dark chocolate (with a tiny amount of butter to soften it). I didn’t need as much chocolate when making these and it was still nice and thick. I cut mine into 12 pieces but next time will probably do 2 cuts down the centre, making 18 pieces instead.

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