Twisty cheese straws

Had some puff pastry left over from the chicken and ham pie I made (not on the week’s menu, but morrisons cheated me by selling me a huge packet of ham with a use by date only 2 days in the future so something had to be done! I didn’t use the exact measurements here, I only had 250g puff pastry so I scaled it down. It doesn’t have to be exact anyway. These are very tasty and easy to make. I made 8 with 250g puff pastry although the recipe reckons I should have 24 so perhaps mine were too big. With 24 from 320g pastry they would be 78 calories each so I guess mine are pretty bad for you. I really wish pastry was good for you!

320g puff pastry
100g cream cheese (I used low fat and they’ve worked fine)
2 tbsp pesto (recipe says fresh but I used a jar… Fresh would be a waste)
Recipe suggests doing an egg glaze but I didn’t bother

Mix the pesto and cream cheese
Roll out the puff pastry into a thin rectangle and cut in half lengthways
Spread one half with the cheese mixture and sandwich the other half on top
Cut lengthways again (I didn’t see this, not sure I’d do it next time, they’re good longer!)
Cut widthways into strips, about 1 cm thick
Twist each strip and place on a baking tray, on parchment. When twisting make sure there’s at least one full twist or they will come undone
Bake for 20-25 mins at 200 until golden brown

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