Toddler friendly mince pies!

It’s christmas, so we’ve been doing a fair bit of baking. Today we made mince pies. I like to make mince pies but find the whole process of rollig and cutting out the pastry a bit annoying, so this good food recipe was perfect for me. The dough can be overworked but is still totally delicious, so the idea is you just press it into the trays rather than rolling it out. I actually meant to use the recipe from this year’s Christmas good food magazine, but somehow ended up using a slightly different one from an older magazine but along the same lines. I don’t know whether to try the newer recipe or not now, but it includes a tiny bit of mixed spice so I might try including that and see how it goes a least next time. I have bought an 800g jar of mincemeat, which means we need to make at least 4 batches!!!

225g butter
350g plain flour
100g caster sugar (figured this would be better than granulated in pastry, but granulated would be fine too)

200g mincemeat
50g dark chocolate chips (I used a bar and snipped it into chips with scissors as it’s way cheaper)
1 beaten egg to glaze (wouldn’t bother with this except it’s a nice stage for panther to do. I didn’t think they looked very good glazed)

Rub in the butter and flour until it looks like breadcrumbs
Stir in the sugar and bring the dough together to make a ball. Don’t add any liquid.
Knead briefly to work the dough. You can chill it or use immediately (I made it the night before so it’d be easier with panther)
Divide the dough into 2/3 and 1/3, and then divide the larger bit into 12 balls (we just pulled bits off as we went but with an older child you could keep their attention for longer t do it properly
Push each ball into a hole in the tray (no need to grease) and spread it out with your fingers
Combine the mincemeat and chocolate and spoon into the pies
Divide the remaining dough into 12, use your hands to push it into a circle and stick onto the top
Glaze with egg if you want
Bake at 200 for 20-25 mins
I didn’t do this, but panther would have enjoyd using a seize to shake icing sugar over them so I’d do this next time

The recipe says you can only freeze them unbaked… I see no reason why they can’t be frozen baked. Last year I made them with apple rather than chocolate, froze them baked, and just defrosted with 10 mins in a hot oven, from frozen, when I wanted them. But I can’t be sure it’s ok until I’ve tried doing it. The chocolate was lovely, I would add this again!

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