Reindeer cupcakes

Love these! They came from good food magazine at least a year ago and I’ve been meaning to do them ever since! The key thing is the decoration, you could use another chocolate cake recipe nd another icing recipe (although I really like this chocolate icing, it’s better than either of the 2 I blogged recently). I’d do this cake recipe again although it makes a muffin-like, very domed cake, which actually isn’t ideal for this decoration. It would kind of be better to use a flatter topped cake. However, panther managed the decoration by herself after I made her a sample one. I did the icing pens and added the nose, she positioned the buttons and antlers. I might try this decoration on digestive biscuits, like we did with the owls, if we have any of the buttons left (I have just had quite a substantial chocolate button snack, whoops!)

200g butter
200g dark chocolate
200g light soft brown sugar (I didn’t have any so used a mix of granulated and dark muscovado!)
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
250g sr flour

Heat and melt the buttermilk chocolate and sugar in a saucepan with 100ml hot water (I forgot to include the butter, so melted it in the microwave and added it later. Worked ok!)
Allow to cool a little, then add the vanilla and eggs and mix in
Add the flour and mix to combine (I guess a little lumpy is ok given the muffin-like consistency)
Spoon into muffin cases (you need muffin cases, not cupcake ones, as they are big cakes)
Bake at 160 for 20 mins (pretty sure my oven was on at 200 as it always is. Mine took slightly longer as I wanted to ensure they were solid. However, think it would have been better to take them out when you could still tell they were gooey inside so they didn’t dry out.)
Allow to cool

200g dark chocolate
100ml double cream
50g icing sugar

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan
Take off the heat and stir in the double cream
Sft in the icing sugar (I don’t really do sifting but would have made ths easier, as I just couldn’t get it to the point of being lump free) and beat to combine

This needs to sit a bit before you serve it, but not too long as it drys nicely when it cools. Mine went hard so was hard to spread. When we finish the decorating tomorrow we will have to heat it first.

12 giant cadburys buttons (and more to eat…)
24 white chocolate buttons
12 glacé cherries (recipe suggested red smarties)
Mini pretzels (I bought a huge bag of salted caramel ones from morrisons which worked well)
Writing icing

Use these ingredients to decorate them as per the pictures. We couldn’t make the pretzels snap as evenly as in the pictures n the good food website, but even so they looked pretty good. The original recipe is at and I’m going to add pictures of what we made, and the mess panther made eating it. She totally loved it though!
One cake reckons to be nearly 400 calories, plus more when, like me, you eat a load of extra decorations. Before making them I took panther in the pushchair on a 45 minute walk (and it’s pretty hilly around here!) did 10 mins of a dance exercise DVD and did a few resistance band exercises. But it won’t have covered the whole cake! So best to make and then share out. With the cake being muffin like I reckon they probably don’t last that long!
I reckon these will be a Christmas tradition of panther and I from now on!




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