Salt dough

Wasn’t happy with the last lot of salt dough… It was rubbish… Boo to channel 4 for wasting my time. Just made some much better salt dough with the following recipe
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup water

Mix and then knead together. With this recipe it didn’t take long. This was the right amount to make two handprint tree decorations of a three year old’s hand. I baked them for 3 hours in the oven at 100 and they came out perfect. No inflating or anything. Result!

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Ok, so first thing to remember is… Don’t eat these. They would be horrible! But I figured salt dough is made from kitchen stuff so counts on a food blog. I am not hugely pleased with my salt dough decorations, they need work! I followed this recipe although had to add substantially more flour than they said. What I was not happy with was the drying instructions. The recipe said to use the microwave and heat them until they went hard, which I did, but this resulted in them puffing up so the shapes weren’t so good. Luckily I hadn’t put the hand print one in as it would have been no use at all if it had puffed up! The second problem I had was that my hand was very slightly chapped, and kneading the dough made it really sting and go all red. Boo! And I hadn’t even realised it was chapped before I started so it can’t have been that bad.
Anyway, for all that, panther really enjoyed making these I think, although she’s more excited about the decorating stage which we are yet to do. I will update the post when we’ve done it…

Half cup salt
Half cup water
Full cup flour

Combine the dry ingredients and add the water gradually.
Work the dough until it is a similar consistency to play doh and doesn’t stick to any surfaces. T do this I had to add loads more flour.
Roll out and cut out your shapes (we used christmas biscuit cutters. We also did a hand print where we made the dough into a slightly thicker wedge and pressed her hand into it, and a little wedge with an impression of both of our sets of fingers.)
Use a straw to make a hole for hanging your decoration
Allow to dry. You can use low oven, or microwave, but I suspect both of these would make the dough puff up. Hoping just leaving them out to dry works better
You can leave them plain (my plan for the hand print ones) or decorate with paint and glitter. According to the channel 4 website you can varnish them to make them last longer.


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